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The South London Film Festival was created because we are passionate about providing an opportunity for filmmakers worldwide to showcase their creativity with the multicultural community of South London.

We believe that every film we watch shapes the future of the industry and the world around it. Because of this, we work with partners to offer unique rewards and prizes that will support the careers of our filmmakers. Please check out the awards section for regularly updated prizes and rewards.

It has been a difficult time with so many changes to life, which has impacted the lives, businesses and hearts of many. Even during the hard times, we relied on creativity to get us through, inspire us and encourage others more than ever. This year, we have chosen to replace our “COVID-19 inspired” short film festival category with a BRAND NEW category themed around ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’. We will be working with charities and local communities to use the winning film to raise awareness and educate others on this very important subject. 

The South London Film Festival is also dedicated to supporting students, so we offer a “free to submit” category for students and schools/educational facilities.

For more info please visit our FAQ and for updates Follow us on social media.

We look forward to watching your films.


The South London Film Festival is proudly presenting The South London Film Festival: Pride Showcase 2022.

Thank you to all those who came to our Pride Showcase and celebrated the powerful voice and the incredible talent of our LGBTQ+ community. This was the FIRST EVER Pride Showcase/Event to take place in the history of Bromley! Thank you for supporting us and being a part of history. 



We are extremely proud to announce that the winner of Best Narrative Short at The South London Film Festival 2020 ‘The Long Goodbye’ has just won an Academy Award for Best Short Film. Congrats to Riz Ahmed, Aneil Karia and all the filmmakers/creatives who worked on this project! 


The South London Film Festival is proudly part of The London Borough of Culture 2022 – We will have so many exciting things happening throughout the year.

Submissions for 2022 are NOW OPEN. We also have replaced our COVID-19 INSPIRED category with a BRAND NEW category themed around CLIMATE CHANGE. We will be working closely with charities to raise awareness of this very important subject.

Thank you to all those who were able to attend The South London Film Festival 2021. It was a wonderful experience and congratulations to all of our FINALISTS, WINNERS & HONOURABLE MENTIONS. – Please get in touch as we will be hosting interviews throughout 2022.

Please keep your eyes peeled as we will be screening the Award Winning Feature Films from The South London Film Festival 2021 in-person, along with Q&As in 2022.

The South London Film Festival Official Trailer 2021 is NOW LIVE – WATCH TRAILER

All prizes and rewards for winners are currently being processed and may take longer than usual to distribute due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis/restrictions. Thank you for bearing with us and our partners!

Our YouTube Channel is NOW LIVE! Please support us by subscribing and sharing with friends/family! We have so much exciting content to share.

As you may have noticed, we now have a ‘News’ tab on our website. This will be used to publish news, reviews, interviews and other interesting articles which we hope you will enjoy. We will be covering a range of artistic entertainment sectors, from films, TV and Games etc. We want to provide a platform for budding writers and reviewers to publish their work. Whether you want to write a movie review, or an article about a recent TV series, please get in touch and we will try to facilitate where we can. Guidance and support will be provided.


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